Starting out with Raspberry Pi 2


Introduction to Raspberry Pi 2 at this point of time would be a bit old-school, but hey! I am taking a chance ūüôā

Raspberry Pi is a revolutionary tiny computing device which was introduced with a very noble cause to help kids get along with Computers in an interesting and affordable manner. You can check the Making of Raspberry Pi at their official website here

Raspberry Pi has come¬†a very long way and attracted many enthusiasts and organizations due to it’s affordability and power to do things. A mere $35 device with an HDMI, USB, Ethernet(RJ45 LAN) ports and ability to run on any 5V mobile charger made it a huge success. Over the time it¬†developed a huge ecosystem¬†of developers, manufacturers and users where plenty of software and hardware¬†became available.

Think of a full fledged Computer System (with limited resources obviously) of palm size running on less power than your DTH box or DVD Player.¬†Yes, it’s fascinating at the very least.

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