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Starting out with Raspberry Pi 2


Introduction to Raspberry Pi 2 at this point of time would be a bit old-school, but hey! I am taking a chance ūüôā

Raspberry Pi is a revolutionary tiny computing device which was introduced with a very noble cause to help kids get along with Computers in an interesting and affordable manner. You can check the Making of Raspberry Pi at their official website here https://www.raspberrypi.org/about/

Raspberry Pi has come¬†a very long way and attracted many enthusiasts and organizations due to it’s affordability and power to do things. A mere $35 device with an HDMI, USB, Ethernet(RJ45 LAN) ports and ability to run on any 5V mobile charger made it a huge success. Over the time it¬†developed a huge ecosystem¬†of developers, manufacturers and users where plenty of software and hardware¬†became available.

Think of a full fledged Computer System (with limited resources obviously) of palm size running on less power than your DTH box or DVD Player.¬†Yes, it’s fascinating at the very least.

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